Four out of four in the finals!28-07-2019 - 19:56

That was the result of the foal show in region 4. We had registered all the foals we could manage, and all four did super well and were selected for the finals.

Among the fillies, Galathea even placed second and is now invited for Danish Warmblood's Elite Show. She's a daughter of Garaia and by Rock for Me. 

The other finalists were Rockabye (Rock for Me / Samba Hit II), Gisele (For Romance / Sunny-Boy) and Kinvara (Franklin / Sunny-Boy).

A huge thank you goes out to all helpers and employees - to Marie, to Caroline and to Maiken, and to stine and Helene, who jumped to, when we suddenly had to call with three foals at the same time.

Funnily enough, we have never been more happy not to win the big prize. The best dressage colt were Bankgårds Salvador (bred by Klaus Kaiser), a son of our very own Santos.