Shaolin to cross the Atlantic23-12-2018 - 14:42

The Santos son Gørklintgårds Shaolin is the new Grand Prix hope for Heather Blitz.

All the horses are difficult to say goodbye to, but this has been unusually hard for us.

We have sold Shaolin - the three-year-old stallion by Gørklintgårds Santos / Quarterback that was licensed in Danish Warmblood in the spring. We have his sire, dam and his paternal and maternal granddams in our barn, and it has been amazing to watch him conquer the world.

Therefore it is also wonderful to know that he now is in the hands of two lovely, lovely people . His new owner is Rowan O ' Riley from the United States, a long-standing dressage enthusiast, rider and support for several American riders, including the Shaolin's new rider: The International Grand Prix Rider Heather Blitz.

The hope is that Shaolin will be Heather's future top horse and we look forward to following them on their path.