Life at Gørklintgård

Two foals in 15 minutes 13-04-2019 - 23:18

  Take a walk with us in the post-natal ward, where we have some unusually service minded mares - they foal during the day as well as synchronized.... Read more

The foaling season is here 06-03-2019 - 19:43

The 2019 crop looks amazing.... Read more

Best of 2018: Most popular videos 06-03-2019 - 19:29

We have curated 2018's most popular videos on Goerklintgaards facebook page.... Read more

Gørklintgård featured in Ridehesten 11-09-2018 - 11:11

The Danish equestrian magazine Ridehesten gas visited Gørklintgård for a chat about the history of the stud, the grand old broodmares and the new hopes.... Read more

2017 on Facebook: Our most popular posts and videos 31-12-2017 - 13:01

We celebrate New Years by looking back at 2017 on our facebook page.... Read more

Advent calendar 2017: The broodmares 06-12-2017 - 21:55

They are definitely not the prettiest horses we have. Nor are they the ones we spent most time grooming. But they are definitely the most important horses in the barn.   ... Read more

Foals vs. car: Not at all impressed 08-10-2017 - 22:03

We brought a camera for our normal morning inspection drive in the foal pasture.... Read more

Youth meeting in the foal pasture 12-09-2017 - 13:22

The foals have had a wholly new experience - they have had a visit from some very young riders. ... Read more

The foals are online 16-06-2017 - 14:53

These days we welcome a lot of new inhabitants at Gørklintgård - and now there are pictures on the website.... Read more

Video: Time for summer pasture 24-05-2017 - 16:41

The best time of year is here - the horses are now being moved to their summer pastures.... Read more

Fun in the yard 05-04-2017 - 09:13

This is how we passed half an hour the other day: By watching Royal by Revolution / Sunny-Boy playing around on the grass.... Read more

The foals welcome a special guest 22-10-2016 - 23:28

A warm evening the foal pasture had a special guest.... Read more

A special push present: Foal 04-10-2016 - 12:04

For the first time ever, we have made a giftcard for a foal - as requested by Michael who wanted to get his girlfriend a... Read more

40 guests from region 5 30-05-2016 - 12:56

We have had the pleasure of welcoming 40 fellow breeders and horse enthusiasts from Danish Warmblood Society's region 5.... Read more

Gøør...klintgård: Kasey Perry Glass takes on Danish language 24-05-2016 - 23:37

It takes quite a bit of courage for a foreigner to speak Danish and particularly pronounce the stud's name, Gørklintgård.... Read more

It's a colt! And another colt, and another colt... 26-03-2015 - 10:31

The first foals of 2015 have arrived.... Read more

2014 in review: Best of Facebook 14-02-2015 - 12:24

A small selection of posts from Gørklintgård's Facebook page.... Read more

Merry Christmas! 24-12-2014 - 09:43

From all humans and horses at Gørklintgård: Happy Christmas - and to those who do not celebrate Christmas, happy holidays! May it be peaceful and with lots of time spent with the horses.... Read more

Two colts sold to the Netherlands 04-05-2014 - 10:09

We've sent two colts to the Netherlands where their new owners await them... Read more

First foal of 2014 28-02-2014 - 23:39

Leandi Mandø has delivered this year's very first foal, a lovely filly by Gørklintgårds Santos.... Read more

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